Authentic Old World Italian Sausage from a secret family recipe. Traveling across the years and across the miles to your family's table today!

1897 – Eboli, Italy. Just outside of Napoli.

Mama Rosa Storniello was born in the small village of Eboli, Italy. As a teenage girl she learned from her mother (who learned from her mother) how to make the family’s signature Italian sausage. In the early 1920s she immigrated to the USA. After a prearranged marriage with Vincenzo Guagliardo, a barber from Miselmera, Palermo, Sicily, they settled in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The young family needed money with the impending arrival of baby Vincenzo (Vito) in 1925. Since Rosa was a great cook, she continued using the family recipe for Italian sausage she learned in Italy and started serving lunch and dinner from her living room. The Great Depression struck when Rosa had three children under the age of 4. As the depression lingered on, the kids would help out when not in school, setting tables, clearing and washing dishes.

She soon outgrew her living room and opened her own pizza parlor. Rosa would make the family's signature sausage to be used on the pizzas. When Vincenzo and his brother Joseph learned about earning money, they would take the pizzas on their bicycles and sell them to construction workers for lunch, probably making them the first pizza delivery boys!

In 1954 young Vincenzo moved to Lexington, Kentucky and sold VITO’S in Lexington and surrounding areas for 30 years. He began offering VITO’S sweet (mild) and hot Italian sausage, in links, rope and bulk. Over the years, some of the finest Italian restaurants featured VITO’S Italian Sausage on their menus. For over ten years Vincenzo and his children sold VITO'S on the corner of Vine and Mill Streets each July 4th. Without fail, customers would line up around the block waiting for their annual Italian sausage sandwich smothered with peppers and onions.

In 2007 Vincenzo's son Tony, and his wife Rene, took over VITO'S and had it recognized as an official Kentucky Proud product. They started selling at the Woodford County Farmer's Market, then expanded to Frankfort's Farmer's Market and next to Lexington's Farmer's Market.

Rene is now the majority stakeholder of Vito's since retiring from her job as the principal of Versailles Montessori School, allowing her to focus on Vito's full time. Tony assist with bookkeeping. Currently, Vito's can be found in Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville and Versailles, at retail stores or restaurants. Rene continues to expand Vito's territory and is working on the ability to ship the product throughout the country.

This old family recipe for VITO’S ITALIAN SAUSAGE originated in the rolling hills of Eboli, Italy and found its way to the rolling hills of the Bluegrass. Mama Rosa’s recipe for Italian Sausage has been followed faithfully for over a century using select pork cuts, fresh spices, natural casings and no artificial preservatives – EVER. It is a privilege to inherit the Family Business and to be the fourth generation to follow the VITO’S secret family recipe.

VITO’S is prepared and packaged at a USDA Inspected Facility. Because it contains no preservatives, VITO’S is kept frozen until delivery to our customers. Vito's is sold retail in 1¼lb links (5 links/pack) or 1lb bulk packages and comes in mild or robust flavors. It can be purchased wholesale in 10lb cases by contacting Rene, 859-509-5056.

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